Plastic mouldings


Services we offer

  • Plastics injection moulding with client's moulds
  • Injection mould design
  • Injection mould manufacturing

Plastic products we manufacture

  • car parts
  • packing
  • consumer products
  • pipes, fittings etc.


  • injection moulding machines Engel
  • injection moulding machines Haitian

Products and services

Manufacturing activity

Our main activity is production of plastic injection moulded parts weighing up to 3.5 kg for our clients.

Products we manufacture

  • Technical devises: casings, lenses, light core
  • Automotive components: car exterior parts, car body parts
  • Household goods parts
  • Plastic packaging: cases, containers
  • Consumer products
  • Polimer packing

Services we specialize in

Main expertise of our company is to manufacture plastic parts by injection moulding technology. We have vast experience in manufacturing plastic parts by injection moulding in accordance with clients' drawings and specifications using moulds supplied by our clients.
For some clients we are also involved in injection mould design and mould manufacturing process.

Our injection moulding machines characteristics range:

  • Mould clamping force: 80 - 125 tons
  • Shot capacity range: 5 g - 3 500 g

Package service

  • Injection moulding of plastics
  • Products design
  • Molds design and manifacturing

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