Plastic mouldings


Services we offer

  • Plastics injection moulding with client's moulds
  • Injection mould design
  • Injection mould manufacturing

Plastic products we manufacture

  • car parts
  • packing
  • consumer products
  • pipes, fittings etc.


  • injection moulding machines Engel
  • injection moulding machines Haitian


We are open for mutually beneficial offers to cooperate in the fields of plastics injection moulding.

If you are a manufacturer of plastic parts/items - we can produce the goods for you on a subcontractor basis with considerable savings for you.

If you are sourcing plastic goods from China or elswhere we can offer you a good alternative to manufacture the goods in Russia by means of plastics injection moulding.

There can be many other subjects for cooperation - so please ask for a quote or get in touch with us!


Euromold LLC, Russia
International contacts office:
Russian Federation, Moscow
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Euromould LLC production plant:
Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg
5, Zastavskaya str
fax.: +7 (812) 385-77-62
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