Plastic mouldings


Services we offer

  • Plastics injection moulding with client's moulds
  • Injection mould design
  • Injection mould manufacturing

Plastic products we manufacture

  • car parts
  • packing
  • consumer products
  • pipes, fittings etc.


  • injection moulding machines Engel
  • injection moulding machines Haitian

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of the products is determined by the following main factors: mould cycle, mould design, injection moulding machinery type, plastic product requirements, necessity to perform extra operations required by the manufacturing process in question.

The shorter the production cycle, the lower requirements level for the injection machines, the simpler the final product is the cheaper the manufacturing process will be.
To determine the cost of plastics injection mooulding we will need from you the information about the above mentioned points. This information can also be obtained based on the earlier performance of the mould or based on the trial tests on our machinery. The latter is more reliable.
Our technologists qualification allows us to estimate the above mentioned parameters with an acceptable precision.

Our company specializes in manufacturing plastic parts using injection moulding technology. However, as your ultimate goal is to get your plastic products but not the mould as such, we can recommend reputable mould makers.

Moreover, you can conclude your contract for manufacturing your mould either directly with them or with us. in the former case we can consult you in order to avoid mistakes in mouold design and manufacturing, in the latter case we will bear responsibility for the final product quality starting at the early stage of mould designing.

Modern plastics injection moulding technology allows us to solve various tasks. One of the main steps to make is to correctly determine technical requirements for your product. Having answered this question will help you move further in deciding technology and machinery related issues.
We can always help you on your way to manufacturing your products by means of plastics injection moulding.

Taking into account the requirements for injection plastic parts, the surface finishing is of special importance, as the injected plastic part will reflect any details and defects of the mould surface.

For face surface parts robotic extraction of the product from injection mould will be organized which will exclude any contact of the face surface with any objects.
Moreover, our manufacturing process is organized in the way ensuring high quality face surface parts production.


It is possible to perform your products assembly in our shops. Please provide us with the relevant assembly specifications based on which and the joint meeting of our and your specialists the corresponding agreement will be reached.

Plastic injection moulds are the property of our clients and we become responsible for their safekeeping from the moment when the mould is delivered to our warehouse or shop.

The injection mould is carefully inspected and all information about the mould is registered in our ledger, namely: condition of the mould, its identification information etc. During manufacturing process all rlevant information is consistently reflected in the ledger.

Information about mould's technical documentation is also carefully input in the ledger. The injection mould is kept in transport packing until the arrival of the mould owner's representative for conjoint inspection and formal transfer of the mould.

First of all the manufacturing process will be stopped and our client will be immediately informed of the problem. Then we will agree on the measures and act in accordance with our contractual obligations and the said agreement.

In any case our company will do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible and efficiently.

Yes, we can deliver the products to the client's warehouse at his request. It it discussed and agreed upon during contract negotiations.

Mould for injection moulding Yes, our company manufactures plastic mouldings using moulds provided by our clients.

It is very often the case when our clients bring their own plastic injection mould and ask us to manufacture plastic mouldings.


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